HTMLReport.script error after upgrade to Eggplant 3.0

While running HTMLReport.script I get the following script failed msg error: “unknown suite: couldn’t find suite/documents/adfmac/applications.suite/.suite”

Error occurs at script line (Helpersuite/latestsuiteresults.script):
If there is not a folder suite then throw “unknown suite”,“couldn’t find suite” & suite

Note: I verified there are suite results at the directory level and also in the results tab in the application suite.

History: when we upgraded from Eggplant 2.2 a posting was made that the HTMLReport had a minor script change to the splititems script.

Yes, I believe a new version of the Reporting suite was posted to work with 3.0. Please take a look at the “function fullSuitePath suite” handler in the latestSuiteResults script. The first part of that handler should look like this:

function fullSuitePath suite
	if suite ends with "/" then delete last character of suite

If that first “if” command isn’t there, you’re probably using an older version of the Reporting suite. The difference is that SenseTalk now returns folder paths with a “/” at the end, which is more convenient most of the time. But this script was expecting the folder (the suite path in this case) to not end with “/”. The fix shown above should work with all versions of Eggplant.

You can download the latest Reporting suite here.