How to write info details from event log viewer into data table/dictionary?

Hi there,
I am working on the project which involves load testing by creating lots of Web Appointments.
I found a way to use data binding feature for creating appointment for different users, given in linked data source.
As the part of this test, I capture the correlated confirmation ID and display it in EPP event log viewer using following condition:
if (extractionCursor378.succeeded())
writeMessage(String.format(“ApmtID: %s”, getString(“ApmtID”)));
writeMessage(String.format(“Error at Fetching ApmtID”));

But I am not sure how to write the captured Confirmation ID into an excel sheet or in a EPP data file. Please find the attached screenshots.
image image

Gotta be simpler way export the confirmation# from the variable to data file, not quite sure what it is.
Thanks in advance.