How to use RemoteClipboard to copy chinese characters from screen?

1、in STU, use Chrome
2、select some chinese characters
3、run following script:
TypeText ControlKey, “c”
set sometext to RemoteClipboard(10)
put sometext
4、I get nothing in “sometext”
5、But when I use Ctrl+V, to paste in notepad, I got the Copyed chinese characters
6、I use UDP connection

Hi Shenpeng,

From your description, it sounds like, this may be tied to a known issue, where characters are not being returned, or being replaced by “?”. As a workaround, you could use readtext, and put it in a variable where you can reuse it.

Put readtext(((380,200,754,538)),Language:“ChinesePRC”,contrast:“On”,contrastColor:“AutoDetect”,contrastTolerance:“45”) into mytext
Typetext mytext

Let’s see if others on the forum have additional options.
What version of Eggplant Functional are you on?

When use readtext(), OCR can’t give me corrent content, when there are many chinese characters.

For step #5 (paste into Notepad), is that Notepad running on the SUT or on your development machine?

Yes,Paste in the notepad on SUT is ok.

Are you able to paste your value into an instance of Notepad that is running on your development machine? If not, you may be encountering a security setting with your RDP or VNC connection.

How can I set the RDP connection to avoid this?

It has been my experience that RDP can be managed by either the remote machine or the connection. I would recommend that you use the following method to determine which is the case for your instance:

  • Use the Microsoft RDP client to connect to your machine outside of Eggplant.

    • If you are able to copy from within the RDP session and paste outside of the session, please contact Eggplant support for further assistance.

    • If you are NOT able to copy from within the RDP session and paste outside of the session, please contact your internal support for further assistance.

Hope this helps.


I would recommend contacting us at with these types of issues. Please provide details and screen captures to help us understand your issue so that we can provide suggestions.

Warm Regards,
Eggplant Support

EggplantBlandine say this maybe a known issue. I think this is a bug.