How to use Forums "Code", "Quote", &quot

OK, I’m green already. I’ve seen others use beautifly formated blocked out code or little smiley faces. I’ve tried twice now and get


instead of nicely boxed code or roll instead of a little quizical face. Hmm…, just noticed Options of HTML is ON, Smilies are ON but then check boxes by “Disable HTML in this post” and “Disable Smilies in this post.” Maybe this is why it’s not working? If working properly, should the formatting appear under the preview? Possibly some help on this could be added the the navigation column under the bee hive?

Many thanks, Bruce

Hi, Bruce:

Your profile had “No” checked next to “Allow HTML”, “Allow BBCode”, and “Allow Smilies”. I checked and that’s not a default setting, so you may have set them that way when you registered. You are correct about those checked options that you saw; unchecking them allows the display you are looking for. I fixed your previous post for you – I think you can edit your other posts if you want to.

Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Matt

Great job Matt!

 Many thanks, Bruce   :D