how to uninstall/reset vines viewer

Hi -

I removed all my toolbar items trying to make the window smaller before visiting the forums and finding to use the right oval.

I tried removing the vines viewer application and any sub-folders I could find to reset the configuration files but I do not know where to find them all. Every time I put the vines viewer back in it automatically picks up the old configuration files and ‘remembers’ I don’t have any toolbar items.

Can someone let me know how to do a full uninstall - where to find all the directories to delete so I can re-install and not remove all my toolbar items this time?



You could just right-click (control + click) on the title bar, select “Customize Toolbar…”, and replace the items that you want to have available.

Ah thanks - I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the customize option :slight_smile:

Nice - it had a ‘drag standard set’ to toolbar option – all set.

Thanks again.