How to simulate Home button on iOS

Hi there,

I am new to eggPlant.

I have a scenario: while testing App, need to switch to App Setting.
How can I simulate a click on Home button ?

Thanks, :oops:

You should check out the section of the documentation on mobile device control. To press the home button on iOS, you’d use this code:

TypeText HomeButton

Thanks Matt,

I have read the mobile device control document.
However I did not get how to do a double click on home button

I guess it’s not correct

typeText HomeButton , "DoubleClick"

Also I have an issue on how to do a swipeDown function on a specific area, can u give me a suggestion?

TypeText HomeButton, HomeButton

it doesn’t work. It jump out of app and launch again immediately.

These instructions were for the older eggOn server that was installed on devices prior to iOS 7. You cannot perform the double-click of the Home button with the iOSGateway. The behavior that you describe is to be expected with the iOSGateway. This is just an Apple limitation that we are currently forced to live with.