How to set up development for multiple users on one machine?

I am trying to have two or three users actively developing Eggplant scripts on the same machine. The scripts and suites are all named the same, but are copied over the each user’s local documents and the same scripts exist on the OSX HD root. The problem is, it seems that Eggplant (or maybe OSX) is finding the shared version of the suites and scripts when a script in a user’s local documents runs another script in the suite.

Script MyScript

(*call myOtherScript in this suite right off the bat*)

if imageFound...
end if

When we do this, myOtherScript from the shared version on the HD is used. Can anyone help me out here? Do I need to set permissions somewhere in OSX? Or do I need to use the specific path to the local script to force it to execute?


Highly recommend you move to version control with cvs, rcs or Subversion on OS X. The sooner you begin to version control the better.

Thanks, I’m already looking at version control software, but that doesn’t explain the execution issue. How do I prevent the scripts from refering back to other versions on the same HD in different volumes?

Sounds like you may be referencing a script that resides in a helper suite. If you are using a helper suite make sure that the path to the helper suite is correct.

Yeup… that was it. Had assumed too much about the set up on the user’s side.