how to set screen size?

Please help: I’m using Chicken of the VNC on my Intel Mac (Tiger) to administer a G5 XServe in a different location. The window that opens up on my desktop is much smaller resolution than it should be and I can’t see most of the host’s desktop. Where is the screen size set?!? I can’t find the option anywhere in my VNC client. The server I’m using is the standard OSX VNC that comes with Tiger. Is there something I can put in its startup file to give me a bigger screen on the client side?



Keeping in mind that you do NOT get a new session through ANY of the existing VNC servers for Mac OS X. On Mac OS X you typically can set the Screen Resolution through System Preferences->Displays.

If you aren’t using Vine Viewer or Vine Server then really there isn’t a lot more that we can suggest. We have thought of adding a feature to allow users to pick a dedicated resolution in Vine Server.