How to process the json like properties list output by eggplant command?

Hello Team,

I have used to CompareScreen feature to valid few screen layout.
I am getting output as below.

log “diff”:CompareScreen (“Resourcedemand_Header”, rect:[“Demand/Header_TL”,“Demand/Header_BL”])


Log Resourcedemand_Header_0035.png Found 1 differences
5/26/23, 9:35:34 AM Log {diff:[{difference:“Changed”, differenceType:“Text”, rectangle:[20,67,217,109], source:“Combined”, text:“YAP Version v”, textNow:“000 Version”}]}

From that How to extreact the textNow value alone without using repeat loop.

Another output:

Log C:/BRAIN_2_0/Test.suite/Results/Fullscreen_compare/20230526_094642.846/project5555062021_0039.png Found 2 differences
5/26/23, 9:47:32 AM Log {diffs:[{difference:“Changed”, differenceType:“Text”, rectangle:[227,43,1616,64], source:“Combined”, text:“^s://10.139A73:444/reports/BSTCockpitChart/ee674c32-1f46-4011-bb79-0b67c505a762?reportld=90dcc303-62bf-4cfb-befb-410b899e5257&returnUrl=%2Freports%2FHistory%2Fee674c32-1f46-4011-bb79-0b67c505a762⏎”, textNow:“M^s://10.139A73:444/reports/BSTCockpitChart/ee674c32-1f46-4011-bb79-0b67c505a762?reportld=90dcc303-62bf-4cfb-befb-410b899e5257&returnUrl=%2Freports%2Fhistory%2Fee674c32-1f46-4011-bb79-0b67c505a762⏎”},{difference:“Changed”, differenceType:“Text”, rectangle:[1860,1056,1911,1073], source:“Combined”, text:“&18AM”}]}

from above property I need to extract textNow and text:

Is there any way quickly extarct the info without using repeat loop?

Your output is going to be a list of property lists with a separate item for each difference. A very efficient way of extracting a single key value from within each item involves a repeat loop.

CompareScreen "tutorialSUT_whole"
put the result into TSW_results
Repeat with each item myDifference of TSW_results
	If myDifference.TextNow is not empty then put "The current text is now" && myDifference.TextNow
End Repeat

Is there a specific reason why your use case prohibits repeat loops?

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We can try to get the text and textNow values with the below code without using repeat Loop.
put CompareScreenDiff into CSDiff
put CSD as propertylist into PCSDiff
put PCSDiff.diffs into Differences.
put first item of Differences into Diff
log “Text Now”&&“------------------”&&Diff.textNow
log “Text”&&“------------------”&&Diff.text