How to pass property lists to a custom handler?

Because of the reason
I asked before.

As you know,we could pass a image property list to command “Click”,just like:
Click (ImageName: “CloseButton”, HotSpot: (10, 23), SearchType:“Tolerant”,searchrectangle: (2,4,100,4))

And now,I need a custom handler,similar to command “Click”,but add a “MoveTo” action in the handler,such as:

to MyClick ImageName
MoveTo ImageName
Click MouseLocation()
end MyClick

If I could call “MyClick” like this:
MyClick(ImageName: “CloseButton”, HotSpot: (10, 23), SearchType:“Tolerant”,searchrectangle: (2,4,100,4))

Because I need image property “searchrectangle”,so I don’t know if handler “MyClick” could handle it.

I am not able to find answers in eggplant documents,that is how t pass property list to a handler.

You’re already passing the property list – it’s the only argument to the call to MyClick. You’re then passing it to your MoveTo in the variable. That should all work. There’s no need for the MouseLocation() argument to the Click command; if you just have “Click” by itself with no arguments, eggPlant will just click the mouse right where it is.

So the short answer is that what you’ve posted should just work.