How to pass exactly params when call function.

Hi all,

As you see, we can call function imagefound() as below:
imageFound(image: imageName, searchRectangle: rect)

My question: when we call a function, how to pass exactly params ???
Example: we have test() function
function test param1, param2, param3
// do something
end function test

I try to call as below, but it’s not work :frowning:
put test(param1: “abc”, param3: “def”)

So, how can I call a function with exactly param as imageFound() function.

Thank all you guys. Very high appreciate your support.

Anybody help me ?

ImageFound() takes only one parameter, which is a property list, which uses keys (e.g., image and searchRectangle). Your function takes multiple parameters, which you will pass as a list, without keys. So you will call your function like this:

put test("abc","def")