How to Open the "Terminal" of SUT


Can anyone please let me know how to launch the Terminal Application of SUT.

I tried the following code but it dosen’t work

if there is a file “/Volumes/Machintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/”
Open file “/Volumes/Machintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/”
Log “YES”
end if

when I ran this code i get the following exception.

Unable to open file /Volumes/Machintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/ as requested

I even tried by give RWXRWXRWX permission for the Terminal application in SUT,it dosen’t work, Please help me out to do this.

All I need is to Launch the Terminal Application of SUT.

Thanks in advance.

I encountered the same problem; and could not find any details on the “open” function in the SenseTalk Reference section of Eggplant Help. So I assumed it was for IO-only (not execution).

I installed Quicksilver (available at to open applications on my Mac SUTs.

Just “typetext” the Quicksilver keyboard shortcut to invoke the Quicksilver popup (CTRL+SPACE by default), “typetext” the name of the application you want to launch, and “typetext” return.

TypeText controlKey & " "
// Wait for the Quicksilver popup to appear 
TypeText application_name
TypeText return

I have not yet encountered any problems launching apps in this manner.

All of the file system interaction commands, including the open command, act on the local Eggplant system; Eggplant can’t do anything that isn’t supported by VNC, so you can send keyboard and mouse events, get images back, and usually access the contents of the clipboard on the remote system, but that’s about it. If you want to launch an application on the remote system, then your script needs to do it in the same way a user would. Conan used QuickSilver, but you can just about as easily do it through keyboard shortcuts in the Finder:

typeText F11 -- show desktop
Click (150,150) -- click desktop to select finder
TypeText shiftKey, commandKey, "a" -- shortcut to Applications folder
TypeText "ApplicationName" -- type the app name to select it
TypeText commandkey, "o" -- use command + o to open it 

You could make this its own script and make the application name a parameter so you could call it anytime you wanted to open an application on the remote system.