How to Open an Excel file at a share and copy/paste its fields

I’m extremely green with this scripting tool and i need assistance please. Below the issue:

We are attempting to automate the provisioning of access for our users into our vendors’ portals, and we want to in-concept, use a spreadsheet copy/paste the user/access information into the website portal, that way avoiding mistakes.

I already have a script with defined information that proves that the website accepts the action, but i need an input on a spreadsheet which is already defined.

(What needs be done)
I need to open a file (excel) with-in our shares and, use it as an input to copy/paste the already defined fields into a website fields.

Thank you.

I think that you will find the information you need here: Working with Excel as a Database | EPF Docs

Otherwise, please post a response and we can work on a solution for you.


Thank you for the provided information, doing so and done… now how can i make it copy/paste the defined fields in the spreadsheet. I’m pasting it into a site, and the fields there are already defined. Is the copy/paste action the one that i need.


User First Name
Peter <— Copy/Paste

Thank you

Jans de los Santos