How to match two pictures whose images are different?

I have saved 2 pictures which look similar but differ in their pixel slightly. How to match such images which look similar but differ in pixel. Is there any way to match them. When images are saved, the search type selected default is “Tolerant”.

What do you mean by “match them”? Match them to what? If you just want to find either one of them, then put them in a collection. A collection is just a folder in the Images tab that is used as the target of a command. So if you put the two images into a folder called, for example, “Target”, you can specify the folder as the image argument of a command:

Click "Target"

This code will look for each image in the Target folder until it either finds one of them or runs out of images to look for.

The other option is to open the captured image and select the blue i in the upper right corner of the Eggplant UI window. This opens the information panel about the image. You can then adjust the “Descrepency” value a little. This is a % value and allows a percent of the pixels to be different and still be a match.

Take caution though, this can create a large number of false positives.