How to launch an application of SUT through sensetalk?

Is there any command to open any exe or launch an application of SUT.


No, there’s no SenseTalk command to launch an application on the SUT. You have to script opening the Run window and typing the application that you want to run or just navigating to the app and double-clicking it’s icon.


Hi Matt

Thanks for your reply, another alternative we were thinking it to do it with apple script. The concept may be to open an application on SUT, lets open a .app file on the eggplant machine, which will connect to SUT and launch an application through shell command.
But we are stuck with… what would be the command in applescript to connect to SUT.
Kindly guide us.



You could do this using Applescript and the “do applescript” command in SenseTalk. You need to have Remote Apple Events enabled in the Sharing panel of the System Preferences on the SUT. You can then write Applescripts that connect to the SUT before executing commands. Here is a small example of what that looks like:

do AppleScript{{
Tell application “Finder” of machine “Himani’s SUT” to open file “Applications:iTunes”

Hope that helps.


Ya it helped. Thanks a lot.


what is Finder of machine “homin’s SUT”?

I have tried this, change to my machine’s name of homin, but eggplant prompts applescript error, can not get the machine,
Does apple script support this?