How to install EP functional on ubuntu 20.4

Need help when installing EP functional on ubuntu 20.4

Hello! Please get it touch with your account manager and/or Eggplant Support for assistance. Thank you.

Did you ever get EF installed on your Ubuntu system? I just started on Fedora 38, having chosen it based on the support docs recommending Red Hat or CentOS. I typically run Debian and Ubuntu, however, and might turn around and try a different system.

Also, I’m curious what the motivation for installing on Ubuntu is. For me, it is to leverage native tools under bash such as grep, sed and awk. Down the road I may include Python scripting but our SUT are all Windows so really it’s about being comfortable in the EF dev environment.

We’re also trying to move everything to Manager, so I’m trying to develop a system locally that helps me do the best job I can monitoring errors and “debugging” scripts before they leave my hands, and GNU/Linux provides that comfort level.

I just noticed your other post where you successfully installed EF on Ubuntu. Congrats! I’ll switch over from Fedora and try it on Ubuntu myself.