how to get the data from excel sheet

Hi friends… i am working in egg plant application in my windows xp PC… i dont know the script for how to get the data from excel sheet…if anybody know means pls send that script or give me idea…

You can’t read directly from the spreadsheet. You will need to export the spreadsheet to a CSV file (or a tab-delimited file) and then you can read the data from that file. There is an example of writing a data-driven test in the Using Eggplant guide, there is a page in the knowledge base ( that describes it, and there are quite a few posts here on the forums that describe how it is done.

Thanks for your reply.
but now My trail license key is expired…pls help me how can i get new license.


Please write to the person who originally issued your key, and they can issue you another temporary license.


i got it.i have the excel data as below,

Raj kumar
Prem kumar

i want enter the firsname and and last name in appropreate field from the excel sheet… can u send some example code for how to get excel sheet from folder and how to get and enter the fileds.

If you are looking to enter data into an excel sheet on the SUT, you will need to script the actions as a user would perform them.

Your code could look something like this (if you’re taking data from a .csv file on your eggPlant machine and entering it in the Excel sheet on the SUT):

//Script whatever actions necessary to open the excel file
repeat with MyLine = each line of line 2 to the last of file "file/path/to/mydata.csv" //this skips the first line of the file, since it looks like that is a header row
	click "FirstnameField" --you may need to insert other actions to get to the correct field
	Typetext item 1 of it //types the first name
	click "LastnameField"
	TypeText item 2 of it //types  the last name
end repeat