How to get the current day -(For ex: Monday ,tuesday) and file handling in eggplant

Hi everyone,
Query 1:-
I have a problem to get the current day and tried the few codes which we got from the eggplant documentation.
*put dayOfWeek()
*put day()
*put today
But none of them are working please help me to resolve this problem.

Query 2:
I have a scenario where i should validate the downloaded file path but I’m not able to do it in eggplant.Getting an exception called STFileAccessException while running.
How can we resolve this problem ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Query 1: have you looked at Eggplant’s date formats?

put formattedTime(“EEEE”)

Query 2: I would guess that the eggplant user does not have access to that folder, but am not sure. How are you coding the check? Was the file downloaded on the Eggplant Functional Computer or the SUT? Our file and folder interactions only work on the computer Eggplant Functional is installed on and not on the SUT, so you can use the file and folder interaction to validate downloaded files on the SUT only if it is on a shared folder that can be reached on both machines.

Let me know if you have more questions,

put the weekdayName