How to get last number

I am giving some text with numbers in .csv file like

Now i want to get last number only
means 1,2,3,4,…n
I am using code like

put item1 split by "abc" into item2 

but i am not getting the value 1…
please suggest me

There are a number of ways to do this. To use the split operator like you’re trying, you could do either of these:

put value split by "abc" into (junk,item2)
put value split by "abc" into (,item2)

Or you could do this:

put value into item2
delete "abc" from item2

If the number is always a single digit you could do:

put the last character of value into theNumber

Or if the first part of the value is always the same length you could do:

put characters 4 to last of value into theNumber

Hopefully one of those will work for you.

– Oh so many ways to pin the tail …

set message to {{

write line 2 of message
write item -1 delimited by “abc” of message
write char -1 of the last line of message
write the last char of message

– after some more thought, maybe too much

set a to {{

set a to items 2 to -1 of ( a split by abc ) – empty/unquoted/non reserved words are treated as a string
put item 1 of a – return char is invisible, but there
put charToNum(char -1 of item 1 of a) --> its 10 in value…
put last item of a