How to find the whether the word/letter bold or not?

Hello Team,

Is there any way we can find the bold word or letter from screen and validate?



Capture an image of the bold version (image_b) and then a waitfor for it.

The text will be change dynamically. ( based on certain condition)

You can capture images of bold version of A to Z and a to z, named bold_A to bold_Z and bold_a to bold_z, then find the bold word through OCR , such as “Test”, finally repeat orderly for each character of the bold word, find if x locations of bold_T,bold_e, bold_s, bold_t are in increased order.

The OCR engine will read (or find) the text whether it is bold or not, but it can’t tell you whether the text it found was bold. Since the actual text will change dynamically, you’ll either need to cobble together a custom solution along the lines that shenpeng suggested, or use character collections.

If you create a character collection using plain characters, and another using bold characters, then you can try reading the text with the plain collection. If that succeeds, you know the text is plain. If that fails, try again using the bold collection and if it succeeds then you know the text is bold.