How to find a text on an image

The app on the SUT which I’m testing is a backup client. In one of its panels are displayed a lot of backed up folders by their name.
What I want to do is to select one of the backups displayed there and I will take the name of the backup from the external data file or maybe by asking the user.
So, in the script I will have the name of the backup and what I need is to select (to click on) the backed up folder which have that name in order to do some operations with that folder.
I can’t simply type the name of the folder like I could do in Finder.

Could you please tell me how can I do that?

You may be able to generate a text image of the folder name that you want to interact with, but currently text image generation ONLY works with limited systems. The state of text image generation is limited to applications that render text using the internal text renderer for OS X and Windows system. In other words, text images generated by Eggplant should match text for applications that use the system text renderer for OS X and Windows, but are not guaranteed to match text rendered by applications that utilize their own text rasterizer. You’re welcome to try the text image generation feature in your enviornment, but keep in mind that generating text images might not yield an image match with your application.

Please consult the Eggplant Reference manual for more information on text images.

There is also quite a bit of information posted on this forum related to this, so I would also recommend that you perform a search related to this topic.

Just to get you started:

If generating text images does not work for your application then you can always capture an image of the text that you want to interact with and perform an action on it like you would any other button or control.