How to enter multi-byte character text

I need to be able to enter multi-byte characters (like Kanji) into a text field. I can browse/display/pick folder/file with Kanji. But, I need to be able to enter text (using AddText) or similar.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.


Currently for Mac OS X you can’t directly send any characters that aren’t on the US-English keyboard using Eggplant. This is a limitation of the OSXvnc server and the Mac OS X key event generation system.

However Mac OS X (and most other modern operating systems) offer ways besides the keyboard to generate text.

In Mac OS X you can often get to characters by a sequence of keys. For example the ? character is generated by typing Option-e then u.

For Kanji Mac OS X offers a character palette available under the International Menu of System Preferences, once you enable this character pallete you can reach it from you keyboard menu on . This character palette should allow you to enter text into most Text Fields on the Mac.

Yes. Thank you. I found the character palette. I found that when using that tool, I could simply copy and paste the string I wanted into the “add text” box. This worked just fine.

Thanks again.