How to do img src with tiff files

Is it possible to post tiff image files using cmd like this?
Angry face

I would like to make a html page with two images(1. Screen capture of current window 2. The image Eggplant was searching for) when a result fails so that I can compare them. I was able to copy both of those images with Sensetalk to a folder, but I can’t figure out how to display tiff on html.

If I could convert them into other image format that would work too. Any suggestions?


Yeah, firefox/safari doesn’t seem to like tiffs. You could covert them to PNG or some other format on the fly using ImageMagick

It’s interesting: If you just do file>open in FireFox and specify a TIFF file, it has no trouble displaying it. But, yes, if you specify a TIFF in the HTML, it seems to choke.

Rather than put them in an html file in the way you’ve done it above, why not write them put them in a folder and create an html file that just links to files. Then you can click the links and open the files in the browser. Just change your tags to and make the filename a link.

Yes, I am using to just link the files. But it’s pretty annoying and hard to compare when you have two separate windows open for each. It would be nice if I can fit them both in a html file.

I see this as a failing of FireFox, not a shortcoming of Eggplant. Even if you could do this, you’re still only going to be able to do a visual comparison, which isn’t going to be adequate to reveal pixel-level differences in the images. You’re better off using a an image editing tool (you can get demo copies of most of them for free). There’s a write up on the steps you’d need to follow at