How to cut and paste?

The docs say I should be able to cut and paste between the local computer and the remote client. But when I copy something from another mac application and switch to vine viewer, the edit menu is grayed out. How do I activate it?

The remote server is RealVNC 4.1.2 running on SPARC Solaris.

thanks very much


Vine Viewer utilizes the OS X pasteboard system allowing text to be pasted from the OS X system to a remote system and back transparently. The VNC Server you are using on Solaris needs to be VNC RFB compliant (not partially, but completely), and also the application on your OS X system needs to be actually putting text data on the OS X pasteboard. Please verify with TextEdit that you can type a bit of text, hilite, copy and paste to your Solaris system. If this doesn’t work, you likely have an issue with your VNC Server on the Solaris system being incompatible with the VNC RFB protocol. Also elaborate on your OS X configuration, what OS version are you using, and what Vine Viewer version are you using (is it the most recent release)?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using OSX 10.4.9. Vine viewer is 1.1.
Results copying from textedit are the same as copying from thunderbird. When I get to Vine viewer the edit menu is greyed out except for “Special Characters”, so I can’t even try to paste. Is there some other key combination I’m supposed to use to paste?

I can get data to go in the other direction. Selecting something in the vine viewer, I can paste it to another mac application.

By the way, I see a place to set the mouse right click key in preferences. How about the middle button?

I realize it is difficult exchanging data with the weird X-windows multiple cut-and-paste protocols, but Chicken of the VNC manages to do it. Not perfectly, but it gets it done most of the time.

If this won’t work I wonder if I could get my money back. These issues are showstoppers for me and the free trial period was not long enough to discover even these basic gotcha’s. I would suggest a longer trial period, maybe a month, would be more fair.

For the clipboard issue, we definitely work just fine sending basic text from Mac to Windows. The thing is that you don’t paste it directly using the Vine Viewer menu. Just copy it in Mac OS X with Cmd-C (Firefox or whatever), then switch over to Vine Viewer and paste using the Windows application that you want it in (hit Ctrl-V).

This approach should actually be more reliable than Chicken’s method which tries to “type” those characters.

We don’t currently have a “Middle Mouse Emulator”, but we do intend to do that for our next release. We did add support last version for a middle mouse button if you have one connected to your Mac OS X machine.

I have tried repeatedly but find that any item beyond a bit of simple text just won’t work. Full stop. Unfortunate in an otherwise vey nice app!ication. Any workaround?

The VNC protocol only allows for pasteboard sharing of simple Unicode text strings. This is true for Vine connections with all VNC’s besides Vine Server.

Vine Server 2.1 (Mac OS X) and Vine Viewer share a special ability to transfer rich clipboard contents. Things like formatted text, images, and even files or directories can be “copied” or one side and “pasted” on the other machine.