How to create the list from Table data column?

Hello Team,

I have webpage contains tables with few filter option.
The table have five columns

When we apply filter few columns ( 2 or 3 columns) data will be empty and remaining data will be populated against the column.


Column1| Column 2 | Column 3 | column 4 | column 5 |

                                      Test1         12.03.2022
                                      Test 2         14.04.2023     OK
                                       Test 3         12.01.2022

Now I need create the separate list for column3 & column4.

for that I used drag and drop command captured the table info into remote clipboard. But text cleaning is very challenging.

Clipboard data:

12/8/22, 11:16:39 AM Log

Test 0
\t14.10.2021 11:27:45 \t

\t08.11.2021 11:45:02 \t

Test2 new item
\t06.07.2022 07:32:19 \t

\t14.05.2021 13:35:23 \t

\t14.10.2021 08:32:59 \t

Test 5 and R API
\t12.10.2021 11:21:08 \t

Test 6
\t14.10.2021 11:10:00 \t

if applying put trimall(remoteclipboarddata)
The output combined both column data as like below
Test014.10.202111:27:45Test108.11.202111:45:02Test2 new item06.07.202207:32:19Test314.05.202113:35:23Test414.10.202108:32:59Test5API12.10.202111:21:08Test614.10.202111:10:00

After multiple tries got the answer:
put 1 into count
put [] into list_name
repeat with each line of remoteclipboard_record_dump
put trimall(it) into line_dump
if count modulo 5 is zero – based on item postion either 4 or 5 or 6
insert line_dump into list_name
end if
add 1 to count
end repeat
log list_name
result as below:


Something along this line may also work for you:

put each line of remoteclipboard_record_dump where (the counter +1) is divisible by 5 into list_name
put list_name