How to Create text boxes in InDesign using EggPlant

Hi guys…

I’m recently started using Egg Plant product.
I’ve a question here, i need to draw few of the text boxes on my InDesign pages. I’m using MouseButtonDown followed by Drag command followed by MouseButtonUp commands.

Is there any better way to automate this scenario using Egg Plant??

Thanks in advance…

Actually you don’t need to use MouseButtonDown and MouseButtonUp at all (unless you need to drag using a different mouse button than the usual – left – button). The Drag command will put the mouse button down for you, and the Drop command will release it. So those are the usual commands to use for a mouse dragging operation.


In most cases like Click, DoubleClick, Drag, Drop, etc you don’t need to do MouseDown and MouseUp – that all happens for you automatically.

So a typical Drag command would just look like this:

Drag "StartImage"
Drop "StopImage"

MouseDown and MouseUp are there in case you want to hold the mouse down while doing something unusual (like holding a third or fourth button or typing while the mouse is down.

Thank you very much guys…
I’ve successfully created text box using Drag & Drop commands…