How to copy data between two keywords

Hello ,
Good day !
we have an log file in which some part line would be normal text and some part would be in XML , I need to copy data between two keywords .could please help us by provide code for the same .
points to be noted:
1.Log file contains more that 1300 + lines
2.keywiords will not be found on same line for ever execution

thanks in advance

I don’t understand the question?
Is a keyword a delimiter that identifies where the start of the copy begins and where the last line to copy is?
And - do you have to do this in Eggplant? There are linux tooks like sed and awk that can do this more easily and cheaply, have you considered calling an external program from inside Eggplant to handle this step?

hi Bhaavan,

looking at your request, could you please re phrase what you are trying to do. I kind of get the sense that you are looking to pull data out of an XML file? can you please confirm that this is the case.