How to connect to local host

How do I connect Eggplant to the Mac I am using?

I want to be able to capture images on the browser, launch browser, and navigate through the computer.

You can’t connect to the same computer on which you are running eggPlant unless you connect to second user session. You can do this on a Mac or on a Linux machine. There are instructions for doing this on a Mac at

I need to be able to launch a browser, go to a url, capture images on that url, so i can navigate on the page with the script. How do i do that with eggplant?

When you write an eggPlant script, you write it to perform the same steps that a user would perform to complete the specified task. You seem to be asking how eggPlant works. You should look at the Getting Started guide that is available from the application’s Help menu. There is also a series of tutorials available at

  1. I need to go to
  2. click sign-in button
  3. click select your television provider
  4. select directv
  5. click Continue button

How do I do this with eggplant?

you’re right, in the tutorial there is an example on how you can do web automation.

my next question then would be how do you Open this page on your SUT?

The rule is nearly always that your script does exactly what you would do as a user. So, you either have your script click in the Address field, type the URL, and hit return, or you have it click the File menu, then the Open Location… option, then type the URL and hit return, or use TypeText to send the Open Location keyboard shortcut, type the URL and hit return. There are as many ways to script it as there are to do it as a user. Which approach you choose also depends on what you’re trying to test – if you’re trying to make sure the menu options work, then you’d script against the menus; if you’re testing the keyboard shortcuts, then script those. If you’re just trying to load the page and not test either of the mechanisms for getting to it, then pick whatever is easiest for you to script.

Things like loading a page can be put into their own script that you can then call whenever you want to load a page. You can create a script called, for example “LoadPage.script” that might look like this:

params pageToLoad
TypeText commandKey, "l" -- the keyboard shortcut for open location on the Mac
TypeText pageToLoad -- the url passed to this script
TypeText return -- submit the url to load the page

Then you could call that script from another script like this:

LoadPage ""

Script Failed
no remote connection:
typetext error - remote connection unavailable

What were you trying to run? The code I posted above? That’s just an example of how to write a reusable script. It’s working code, but it’s not going to just run without the right set of conditions. For one thing, it would only work as-is if the system-under-test (SUT) already had a browser window open.

Do you understand that eggPlant is a two-computer system? The eggPlant application runs on one machine and drives the applications on another machine. The other machine has to be running a VNC server so that eggPlant has something to connect to. To run a script you do have to have a VNC connection to the SUT.

got it. i connected to another mac and opened a browser and recorded. Thanks!