How to click on a specific record from search results


I have a case in my application where there are search results in a tabular form. Among them one of the columns is the ID column which is unique for each record. And the other column will have a Submit button for each ID respectively. So from the search results, dynamically i will have to navigate to a specific search result using the ID and click the corresponding submit button. Please help me with your ideas.

Thanks in advance.

One easy way is to find all of the submit buttons, then find the ID number, then from the list of submit button locations, find the one with the y value closest to that of the ID number.
put everyImageLocation("SubmitButton") into submits
put imageLocation(text:IDNum) into myRow
repeat with each item of submits
if it.y is between myRow.y - 2 and myRow.y + 2 then
click it
exit repeat
end if
end repeat