How to call handler into my suite from another suite

How to call a handler in my suite or script from another suites script

If you add the suite containing the script you want to run as a Helper in the suite that you want to run it from, then you can just call it as though it were in the same suite. This also applies if you add the suite to the initialSuites() or finalSuites() in your code:

set the initialSuites() to "myOtherSuite"
myOtherScript // runs "myOtherScript" in "myOtherSuite"
run "my script name" // use "run" to run a script with spaces in its name

If you don’t use one of the above mechanisms, then you can specify the path to the other script. The path can be fully qualified or relative to the current suite:

run "/Users/chintu/Documents/MySuite.suite/scripts/MyScript"
run "../MySuite.suite/scripts/MyScript"

(This code assumes that you are running the Mac version of eggPlant and that your two suites are in the same directory.)

hi a small clarification i want to call the handler not the script
i have created add handler in another suite called addition
i want to call in the calculation suite how can i?

i don not want to create script and call it
i want a handler or function that is in the script and that function or handler want to call in another suite not in the same suite

handler h

"here i want to call handler “h” how can i call handler h in this suite

You’ll want to first provide access to suite a from suite b. You can do this by adding suite a as a Helper suite to suite b, or in your script add suite a to the initialSuites, or you can use the opensuite command:

opensuite "/path/to/a.suite"
t's h
// or

You can also use the Run command with the full path to the script:

Run "/Users/chintu/Documents/a.suite/Scripts/t"'s h

Thanks for reply, I will try it.

If any quires I will let u know.