How to call handle in a script with RunWithNewResult

I need to call a script in a master script by using RunWithNewResults.
RunWithNewResults “Start.Open”

I am receiving following error,

Error Running Script Command runwithnewresults Error - Unable to locate script named: Start.Open – Execution Time 0:00:18 BeginTest.script

here “Start” is my script and “Open” is the handle / function and “BeginTest” is my master script where I am calling Start with RunWithNewResults.

Hi Sid,

I believe both ‘start’ and ‘open’ are Sensetalk keywords. Although the Sensetalk code will likely still work, I’d recommend renaming both your script and handler to avoid any confusion.

In addition, the ‘RunWithNewResults’ runs another script using a new set of results. As far as I am aware, it cannot be used to run a handler. So, your Sensetalk code should be: RunWithNewResults “Start”

Kind Regards,

Hi Adam,
Start is the name of my script and Open is the handle that I have defined in that script, as shown below,

and the BeginTest is my master script, where I want to call “Open” handle from script “Start” with RunWithNewResults, as shown below,

This gives me following error message,

Hi Sid,

As stated in my previous response, the RunWithNewResults takes a script as a parameter, not a handler.

This error is expected in the example you have given above.

Kind Regards,
Adam Muir

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Hi Adam,
Understood thanks.
Now the only way to fix this is, I will modify my script and I’ll exclude handler.