How to access data from a List?

Hello, I’m new to Eggplant and have tried to search the documents and this forum for an answer but I haven’t been very successful. I’m hoping someone can help me out…

How do I access data from a List?

I’ve created a similar list like this:
put (“One”, “Two”, “Three”) into TempList

Now how do I access the second item in this list?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Accessing items in a list can be done with:

put item 1 of TempList
put item 2 of TempList

More information in regard to working with lists can be found in the SenseTalk reference manual. If you type in a keyword in the search field of the, Preview should present you with a list or pages where the keyword occurs. The Eggplant docs should open up in Preview by default unless they are set to open up in another viewer.

Look in the ‘SenseTalk Reference.pdf’ manual on page 131 in the section with the title “Lists”.

Is it not working the way the manual describes?


Thanks for your help. I was searching through the Eggplant Reference document instead of SenseTalk Reference. I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

This is one of my very few annoyances with eggplant. I’m never quite sure where functionality is covered. It would be nice if there were an index that covered all the documentation that comes along for the ride. Right now I have to put all the documentation in a folder and use acrobat to search an entire folder. That works pretty well, but sometimes I like to glance through an index looking for a related function.

Vent time over :smiley: