How does TIG work??.

I have a scenario wherein I need to identify the font type, font size, font color, font style and background color of a given text in an application.

As I went through the documents it is mentioned that this is possible via TIG-Text image generator.

I don’t find any step by step procedure to use TIG. I was going queries in the forum, some say TIG is embedded in SUT, how?. Some say it is an .exe that needs to be install in target machine. Really confused.

Can someone help me in identify the above mentioned text properties via TIG.

Appreciate your help.

Hi syeds025,

With TIG, an image of text is generated based on the different font characteristics you provide. Eggplant Functional would then search for that image on your SUT.

Unfortunately, though, TIG is a deprecated component of Eggplant Functional and is no longer supported, which is why you’re having some trouble finding full documentation.

The important thing to note is that TIG searches were just image searches. So if you have a captured image of how the text is supposed to look, then this ultimately accomplishes the same validation as TIG would have.

I’ll otherwise add a note in our feature request tracking system about your interest in determining font characteristics. This could be particularly useful in the context of OCR, for example.