How does one Right-Click from a Mac to a PC using VNC?

I see that in SenseTalk I can use the RightClick command… groovy… but while I’m simply working through Eggplant/VNC to access my test XP machine… I can’t figure out how to send a Right Mouse Click from my MacBook.

I’m sure the answer is obvious … It’s obvious right?

Sure, it’s obvious (if you know where to look!).

In the Viewer Window Preferences panel, in the Live Mode section there is a popup to select the “Mouse Right Click Key”. If this is set to “Option/Alt” (I believe that’s the default) then an Option-Click in Live Mode will be translated into a Right Click on the SUT. Or (of course) you can choose a different modifier key with that popup if you prefer.

Happy Clicking!

Hi. I’m having a similar problem – I found where the option is in the preferences, but it simply doesn’t seem to work. I’m using Vine Viewer 1.2 on a MacBook with Leopard 10.5.2; a colleague has also tried it on a MacBook with Tiger 10.4.x. We are trying to connect to VNC servers running on linux machines (TightVNC on Suse 9 in one case, RealVNC on Scientific Linux 4.6 (based on RH) in another). We’ve tried both wmw and twn as window managers within the VNC servers.

Right clicks with an external mouse work fine, as do control + macbook button click = right-click for applications outside of Vine VNC. But no option of the “Right Mouse Click Key” seems to work.


It should be working fine. One thing you might check is whether the VNC server(s) you’re using have an option related to the mouse buttons. Vine Server, for example, has an option to swap buttons 2 and 3, because the protocol used by VNC numbers the buttons differently than the native ordering on the Mac.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m getting closer, but don’t have it working yet.

I have found that control-macbookbutton does something, but what it does is different than what I get from clicking the right button of an external mouse. But it is what I get from control-right clicking with the external mouse. Maybe Vine VNC is intercepting the control to turn it into a right click, but the control is still being passed through to the server so that the window manager picks it up as a control-right click (yeah yeah – crazy old school Linux window managers with a gadzillion buttons and option-button effects). I haven’t found an option to tell the mwm window manager to treat control-right click as the same as right click.

I experimented with using xmodmap on the Linux side to rebind the pointer buttons. This seemed to affect only the external mouse buttons, but not the macbook button.

Turns out that you are correct, we ARE still sending the Ctrl key in addition to allowing it to emulate – that’s a bug and we’ll try to get it fixed up.

In the meantime it might be a work around for you to remap Option to Right click (although that might send a META key to XWindows).

Let us know if that works and we’ll try to fix it for the next maintenance release.

I also tried Option/Alt and that doesn’t work either (probably the META as you said, but not completely sure). Thanks for working on this.

This was fixed in Eggplant 4.11 and will be fixed in the next release of Vine Viewer.