How do you use an image after it has changed locations?


I am new to using Eggplant. I was wondering how you would use an image after you have moved it’s location. In reading the documentation it seems that you have to provide the full path to the image file.

I have moved the image that I am attempting to use to a sub-folder that was created in the Images tab. Once I moved the image I put the complete path to the image into the script. However when I ran the script I recieved the following:

Couldn’t open image file: “/Documents/parmigianx86.suite/images/OLEDBROWSET/OLEDB.ICON.launch”

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated as I need to organize the images into folders as there are so many at this point.

Than you.

Images are assumed to be relative to the Suite so you only need to insert the folder name, like this:


Thank you so much. That worked