How do you script a PAGE DOWN in SenseTalk?

I get page up

TypeText “^^^^”

How do you do a page down…

Or… actualy… I’m trying to get around the issue where the image I want to click on is in a browser window but loads at the bottom of a long page so it’s not on the SUT screen… it’s not visible in the browser unless I page down to where it is… Am I approcahing this the right way with a Page Down command or is there an easier way? See what I mean?


If you know it’s at the bottom it’s sometimes best to use the End key (as long as you aren’t in a field at the time).

Regardless of which you choose the keys are in Appendix C of the Eggplant Reference Manual. You can do them as backslash escape sequences or the more readable predifined constants.

typetext endKey
typetext "\E"

and similarly

typetext pageDown
typetext "\d"

Thanks guys!

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