How do I remove the Vine Server

from my machine. I installed it a couple years ago and do not use it now that OS X has a screen sharing feature.


Just drag it to the trash. If you have the system server set up, it will be gone when you restart.

It will not drag to the trash.

This thing shows up in the finder under the “Shared” items. It has a picture of an Apple Display and the Share Screen button.

Telling you this in case it’s not yours.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Vine Server. What’s it say when you do a Get Info on it?

It just says Mac Server.

Additionally you can verify that the system server is gone by making sure to remove the following items:

That did it !

I’d looked for those things before but there seems to be LOTS of Library folders. I found the OSXvnc hiding in the HD device Library.

Thanks a bunch.