How do I connect to Other Mac Runing XP in Parallels wVNC?

I’m sure this is an easy one but networks drive me bonkers.

  1. I have Eggplant running on MacMini1 - for instance

  2. I am running XP in a parallels image on MacMini2 VNC gives me an address of - for instance.

What do I put in Connection Manager to get to the XP VM on MacMini2? I tried just like I do for the local XP VM on MacMini1 but no dice… Errr… I have an Airport Extreme if that helps.

Thanks for any tips!

It sounds like the network connection to your VM is set to be NAT-ed; your life will be easier if you set it to be bridged.

When it’s configured for NAT, the VM is running on a separate network behind the IP of the machine that it’s running on – to get to it from another machine you need to configure some port forwarding.

When you use a bridged connection, the VM shares the NIC of the machine and talks to the network that the machine is on to get it’s IP address. Since it’s on the same network as the host machine, other machines on that network can talk to it directly.

There’s a page that talks about the differences at