How do I change color settings on reverse VNC connections

I am attempting to lower the color settings on reverse connections. I have a lot of clients that have slower internet connections and pulling millions of colors over the connection just doesn’t cut it.

I can’t seem to find a setting to lower the color on incoming connections. If I try to lower them after the fact, through the connection window, it closes the connections.

Using Chicken of the VNC I can select what color profile I want to use on incoming connections. Is this possible with vine?

Currently that is not possible in Vine Viewer but we’ll look at fixing it so that changing the color settings on a Reverse Connection works by not disconnecting the client.

Thanks for the update. Being able to change while the connection is open would be perfect. But I would also be happy with being able to set the color options before the connection is made.
Either way I am looking forward to that feature being added soon.

This is exactly the problem I am dealing with. I want to buy Vine and this is the only thing holding me back.

I’m using Vine on Mac OS X and have clients on PCs that need tech support sharing their desktop via a Single Click app - they connect back to me via reverse connection.

I’m looking forward to being able to reduce color depth on the fly – or at a minimum set all incoming reverse connections to 256. Thank You!

As of VineViewer 1.2 (Released August 1st) this is no longer a problem. After the initial connection you can change the color depth without disconnecting.

I downloaded the latest version 1.2 and I still don’t see a way to lower the color on incoming reverse connections. They always come in as “Default” if I try to change them they disconnect. If set up another reverse connection with the computer in connection list they create a new connection with the colors set to default.

What server are you reverse connecting to?

I am using Vine Viewer 1.2 and Vine Server 2.2.

Just doing some testing against Vine Server 2.1, Vine Server 2.2 and RealVnc 4.1.2 it seems to work just fine (no disconnect occurs) when hitting Edit and changing the colors to 256.

Is there anything else you can tell us about your connection setup that could be compounding the problem?

Today when I went back to it to do some more testing and get you some specific results I was able to change colors without the connection closing.

Not sure why it wasn’t working before. Maybe there was a glitch somewhere in the connection yesterday.

Anyway thanks for your responses. Everything is working as advertised. I can now finally ditch Chicken of the VNC for Vine Viewer.