how can I move some file to a folder on fileserver

I have some files and I want to move them onto the server, I do as this:

move file newfile into folder url “file:///servername/foldername”
newfile is on mac, server is windows.

but it always fails, what can I do? thanks a lot!

You can’t really use a url there. The file system commands (copy file, move file, etc.) all expect to just be given the file name or path. So you can do:

move file newfile into folder "/locallymountedservername/foldername" 

The trick for this to work is that you’ll need to have the server mounted on the Mac’s file system. Then you can treat remote files using a local path.

According to your advice, I first mount the server to my mac,
So I do like this:

set the shellCommand to “/bin/bash”
shell("mount_smbfs //usr:pw@server/folder /‘share folder’/mntfolder ")

I run mount_smbfs //usr:pw@server/folder /‘share folder’/mntfolder , it works well in terminal, but when I run with “shell” command, it fails,
the result is 32.
I don’t know why, so strange.

It definitely can work from a script, here are a few points to keep in mind.

You may be confusing it with what’s quoted and what’s not, I recommend using variables.

You need to recreate the directory each time (unmount deletes the local folder).

My sample script:

put "guest" into remoteUser
put "" into remotePassword
put "redstonel5/C" into remoteHost
put "/Volumes/GPB" into localFolder

create folder localFolder
put "mount -t smbfs //" & remoteUser & ":" & remotePassword & "@" & remoteHost && localFolder into mountCommand
put mountCommand
put the result

put shell("ls -l" && localFolder)

put shell("umount" && localFolder)


Many thanks to you, It works.