hi typetext behaving ( script sholud run with normal speed)


I am suffering a lot with this

am using keystrokes rather than images,

they are working fine when executing block of code

But when entire script is executing i think typetext running very fast

i think eggplant running faster as it executing…

Key strokes are always sent at the same speed when being entered by code, either during the process of script creation or during script execution. When two consecutive TypeText commands are executed in a script, there is a .7 second delay between the start of the first TypeText and the start of the second one. If one of those TypeText commands is supposed to effect some change on the SUT, it’s often a good idea to make an image-based check that the SUT’s status has changed before issuing the next TypeText command.

When you’re generating TypeText commands, consecutive TypeTexts are only sent as fast as you can create them, so there’s probably at least 5 or 10 seconds for the system to respond to one command before you are able to generate and send the next one.

If you are doing typetext commands into something that does continuous spell checking, it can adversely affect the speed it can handle typing.

I have found that using the
SetRemoteclipboard “Text goes here!”
followed by the
TypeText controlKey, “v”
works much better for my application.