Helper Suites w/ Functional + Manager + GitHub/Azure

At present, we have two distinct suites that represent two distinct lines of business (e.g. Accounting & Finance). The Accounting suite is older and contains a library of functions and many standard Windows UI elements. We would like to be able to leverage the Accounting.suite resources within Finance.suite. Here is the dilemma: many scripters contribute to both suites by cloning their respective suites to their own drives, making changes, and using git to push their commits to TFS/Azure. In addition, we use Eggplant Manager to execute the scripts. I think that the only way that we will be able to leverage the resources of Accounting.suite is to place that suite within the folder structure of the Finance.suite. Here are my questions:

  1. Would placing one suite within the other actually allow me to continue to use git and Eggplant Manager? Is anyone currently using this functionality?
  2. Would placing one suite within the other cause my ePM storage requirements to balloon? I ask this because ePM clones the entire suite for each execution. If I place the helper suite within the suite folder structure, I would increase significantly the size of the folder that is being cloned.