help for selecting the options one after another

hi ,

Am having multiple options i have to open all the options (one after another))and check for an text inside the option i have to exit once the text is found in the option . what function shall i use?

For this, you can use either captured images of the text that you’re looking for, or the OCR (Optical Character Recognition). With the OCR, you can use the ReadText() function to read text in a defined area. If you know what text you’re looking for beforehand, then you can specify a Text parameter with any command that would typically take an image parameter, like this:

Click (Text:"Some Text")

If you are going to repeat the same actions over and over again but with different elements on the screen, you can do data-driven testing and draw the information into your script from an external data file. You can then iterate through all of the different pieces of information in that file using a Repeat loop in order to execute those repetitive actions.
See our documentation on data-driven testing here:
Code examples of data-driven testing:
Information on Repeat loops: