Having problems using x11vnc

The only ‘real’ option I have found and gotten to sort of work for aix at this point is ‘x11vnc’.

I downloaded the source code and got it compiled on my aix 5.2 machine. I used their xllvnc_loop script to have x11vnc start at boot and restart if stopped.

I am able to connect to it fine with the eggplant ‘Connection List’ however, when starting to write the script I run into problems:

  1. Whenever I select ‘Capture Image’ it takes quite a long time (~30-60 seconds) to bring up save image dialog
  2. At this point it will save the image but eggplant seems to ‘hang’ the connection or something. Because if for instance I saved an image of a menu button I wanted to click on and then I change back to ‘Live Mode’ I can’t click on the button. I can click on anything. I can move the mouse around but there is a ‘X’ on the pointer and I can’t click on anything. The only way I’ve found to get out of this ‘funky’ state is by 1- closing the connection window, 2- ‘Disconnect’, 3- ‘Connect’ and then when it comes back up I can click inside the connection window again. But as soon as I save another image I’m back to the same point.

Has anyone had any luck with x11vnc. Any tips on what I’m doing wrong?


It sounds like there are some problems in the way the x11vnc server works. We’ll investigate that some, but in the meantime I am pretty sure that PART of your problem can be mitigated by turning off Eggplant’s “Detect Pulsing Images while capturing” within the Eggplant Preferences->Viewer Window section.

hmm, I turned that off but it hasn’t seemed to help at all.