Having issues connecting my MacBook Pro Eggplant version with a Virtual Box Win10 SUT

Like the title says, I have Eggplant Functional installed on my MacBook Pro. I can RDP to a Win10 VM from another site. I cannot connect to the Virtual Box VM I created on my Mac. When I go into the terminal and try to ping the IP address I get a timeout. I can log into the Virtual Machine and move files from the VM to the Mac desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I spoke with a few eggplant customer experience personnel and they say my virtual box settings are the same as theirs but we haven’t been able to identify the issue.

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I have a NAT adapter and a Host Only adapter set up and port 3389 on the VM is active. I found out that a nat adapter is good when your not in a security rich environment but if you are it was suggested that I create a bridge adapter. I don’t know much about that. I have a mac so do I use wireless, ethernet, or 10/100/1000? I can see that the VM is online using ePF Doctor, but when I connect I get an instant connection and then it is disconnected. Is this something that I’m doing wrong or a network security function disconnecting it?