Handling Function Returns

I am new to Eggplant so please bear with me…
I have a function called dialDigits which return 1 or 0.
Now when i call this function, as dialDigits “1 2 3”, and it returns 1 or 0, I want to to be able to decide whether to continue script execution in one line…Currently I have
dialDigits “1 2 3”
if the result is 1
log “success”
end if

I want to be able to do something like

if the result of dialDigits “1 2 3” is 1
log “sucess”
end if

So that it can be made into one line…I am not sure what the syntax is to do this…


if dialDigits("1 2 3") is 1 then
     log "Success"
      logError "Failure"
end if

“1 2 3” seems like a strange value for a parameter. That’s actually a single string containing 3 numbers separated by two spaces. Do you mean to pass a list of values? If so, that would look like this:

if dialDigits(1,2,3) is 1 then...

The declaration of your function to take 3 parameters would look like this:

function dialDigits val1, val2, val3
      put val1
      add 4 to val2
    -- do stuff
      return someVal
end dialDigits

Thanks Matt for the quick response…So one thing if I wanted to exit script executionon failure, would I do “exit all”?

Yes, “exit all” ensures everything stops.