Handler maximum recommended line count


The editor shows a warning saying that 100 lines is the recommended maximum number of lines for a handler - what is the basis for this?

It is purely a good practice / maintainability thing, or is there a performance impact on large handlers?


Its just a good practice thing. I believe there actually is a hard limit but its enormous. Those warning messages can actually be edited in preferences too. In case you are a repeat offender and tired of looking at the warning text :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

LOL! na i’m good thanks… I been here since VB4 / 5 and eVB… i’ve had my fill of walls of code :smiley: Glad to hear it’s nothing perf oriented.

Yea it is 32K or .36K something like that.

Thanks for the reply

When you have alot of code in the editor, the script editor gets really slow to respond.


As a good practice for us, we try and keep our handlers short and to the point.
We have various models we work with that have close to 260 actions and each action has a handler with a maximum amount of 15-20 lines of coding, unless stated otherwise, to keep the model running smoothly.