Handler is not being called

I have a script file which contains 4 handlers. I am calling these handlers from another master script file, and working fine except some handlers. I don’t see any odd in those specific handlers as well and I can run them If I select those lines and run.

Also, tried to add some test handlers in that file in different places, and these are being called as expected.

Did anyone faced this kind of issue?

Nothing general comes to mind really. Would need to see your stuff. Are you getting an error, or is it just seemingly skipping it?

In general, when I have to debug such things I just make a copy of everything and then start ‘dumbing’ it down. Make the handler’s just log stuff and not do anything. Little by little until it works, then you know what you removed is the cause.

Sometimes functions especially can get called in ‘weird’ complicated ways where they might get skipped due to syntax issues. Like sensetalk doesn’t interpret them as functions at all but just useless properties. I do that sometimes.

But feel free to post your code.

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Thanks, I am doing the same kinda thing. I will post when found what is causing this issue.

Found the issue. I was using myList.count property rather than number of items in myList

The problem is that the Eggplant didn’t raise any error if there is no such keyword or syntax supported, just runs and comes out without executing further inside the Repeat loop. So, couldn’t find the issue until I thought through simply (by ignoring all my coding knowledge of other languages :slight_smile: )

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Can’t count how many times I’ve simply misspelled an image property or something and Eggplant just figures I made one up or something lol. No errors.