Great virtual keyboard for VNC

Corallo Software makes a great utility called Virtual Keyboard
which makes a great adjunct for Vine Server.

It basically gives you a full Mac keyboard, even if the system you’re
accessing from isn’t a Mac (like Windows or an iPhone).

Now when you need the option key, you have one!

It’s US$20 from Corallo. Well worth it in my opinion.

By the way, this works great with the Mocha VNC iPhone app.
The Mocha site says they don’t support Vine Server, but it works
great if you tell Mocha the server is non-Mac and use this utility
on the Mac for the keys that don’t get mapped properly.

Personally, I think Apple should have included this as part of the
OS, the way Microsoft does in Windows with the on-screen keyboard.
What Apple should do is buy it from Corallo and include it in
OS X 10.6.