Gherkin to AI Accelerator

Has anyone mastered the Auto-Generator Accelerator: Gherkin Features to Eggplant AI?

I’m looking to use this accelerator with my current .feature files. I’ve downloaded the accelerator, but now what? Any guidance is appreciated.

UPDATE: When attempting to execute the accelerator, I’m getting the following:

I have tried to locate (and therefore open and debug) the file “”, but have been unsuccessful.

Any guidance is appreciated.

Accelerators are building blocks that address common business challenges. Eggplant Accelerators help you develop, configure, and deploy your custom software solutions quickly.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the purpose of the Accelerators. This Accelerator SHOULD address one of our common business challenges (migrating teams from Cucumber to Eggplant).

Any guidance on getting this Accelerator to work?